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We take pride in featuring these local Charlotte artists and their talents by having their striking pieces displayed along the walls of our luxury salon.

Hi, my name is Kelly Ivey. Creator behind “iveyinspo” and a local Charlotte artist. I primarily do commissioned art and also work for a local interior designer. I love collaborating with clients to bring to life their vision for art or just to help add color to their home.


I have been an abstract artist since 2019 but have always appreciated talent and creative minds, so I wanted to express myself through painting. I started sharing with friends and eventually got the courage to share publicly!


I come from creative parents. My father, a long-time woodworker, can make and fix anything. My mother, always crafty and volunteers with children. I loved watching my dad build furniture and my mom and I used to make jewelry together.


I’m a momma to a sweet 3-year-old boy who inspires me to paint without rules or boundaries and just enjoy the freedom of the journey. He loves to add his touches too!




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Caroline York Photography


Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kristin Vartanian Dills took to art as soon as she could hold a pen. Her parents fostered her blossoming talent and enrolled her in private lessons as a child, and encouraged her to follow her passions throughout college. She majored with a BFA in Design and worked in the fashion industry as well as event design, all while drawing and painting for select clients and projects after "work" hours. She has collaborated with beauty brands like Jo Malone, Aerin Lauder, and Neiman Marcus.


While expecting her first child in 2015, Kristin began to create a series of animal portraits titled the "Dapper Animal" series to be hung in her son's nursery. These pieces went on to be hand selected out of thousands to be sold online by Minted and Pottery Barn Kids. "Dapper Giraffe" and "Dapper Zebra" are currently available through catalog orders and online, and have sold throughout the US and internationally - as far away as Singapore and Dubai.


At the end of what was a life altering 2020, Kristin was approached to take a skills test to become a Louis Vuitton Artisan - and successfully passed. She is one of less than 10 Artisans in the United States, and acts as an official artist for the brand - tasked with painting custom artwork for LV clients on their hard-sided luggage and trunks.


The Zero Gravity Series was created as a release from the highly detailed, meticulous work of her other collections - and the fluidity of the paint streaks and drips create their own interesting aesthetic. New releases in this series are often highly anticipated by collectors, and shipped to homes throughout the country.


Photo credit: LunahZon Photography


A featured artist in several East Coast galleries and annual art shows, Kimberli Esther has an uncommon passion for sharing the blessings of Providence in the visual arts. In addition to a deep love of the coastal areas of both her native New England and her home in the Carolinas, Kimberli has great joy in exploring a variety of media (often mixed) to create an original expression of color, texture and space.


Kimberli has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the world famous “Project Runway School” Parsons School of Design in New York City. She then had a prosperous career as a Fashion Designer and Product Manager for recognizable names like Issac Mizrahi, Calvin Klein and Kenneth Cole.


She then retired to have a family and has since embarked on many entrepreneurial ventures, tapping into her passion for creating beauty and beautiful spaces. As an artist and painter, Kimberli is inspired by the created world and brings the divine to paper and canvas, through color, space, and pleasing composition. We hope you enjoy her art and the passion she brings to creating it, for the glory of God. 



I am an abstract artist based in Charlotte, NC. My work mostly consists of emotional and gestural color applications. I use a multitude of tools and brushes to create my pieces. I do find that my work has a very organic and natural feel to it where some is inspired by natures geometric and organic shapes.


I enjoy creating works that start from color combinations that flow organically and evolve into something so harmonious that the viewer may find their own patterns, shapes, and imagery when looking at the piece.


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